Potato breadings

Would you like a little “variety in your crust” or are you looking for a natural, gluten-free, vegan raw material without any additives?

Our dried potato slices made from fresh potatoes are ideal for adding to basic breading (e.g. bread) or on their own as a breading for fish, meat and vegan fried and deep-fried foods.

An ideal addition to your product range.

Choose from our range of different small cube and strip cuts, as well as grits or fine potato graters. The different shapes and cut sizes also create a very attractive appearance on the surface of the deep-fried product — also in combination with your basic breading.

We provide you with a defined dried potato in terms of quality and cut, which you can add to your product — or use directly.

We look forward to receiving your enquiries and will be happy to provide you with expert advice on our products and their possible applications for your development.

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