New X‑ray scanner in Stadelhofen

State-of-the-art technology takes hold in our factory in Stadelhofen.

In order to meet the wishes of our customers for a raw product with an even higher degree of purity with regard to foreign bodies, we can now offer the additional use of an X‑ray scanner at the Stadelhofen site.

Since June 2017, all foreign bodies such as glass, metal, mineral stones and aluminium have been safely removed from the product stream — even if they have grown into the product. Thanks to an ultra-modern system, foreign bodies can also be reliably detected and discharged where other systems reach their limits. A multi-flap system reduces the amount of rejected good product to a minimum.

We are also happy to offer you this service for contract processing — naturally also in combination with other processing and cleaning steps, such as air separation (light and heavy material separation), sieving, cutting and metal detection (neodymium magnets and metal detector). Contract processing — like our entire production — is carried out in accordance with the strict FSSC specifications.

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