July 2017

New additions to our range:
Sugar infused blueberries and sugar infused cherries

Ideal for cereals, fruit bars, baked goods, and many other uses. In addition to our wide range of dried fruit, these products are now available as whole pieces of fruit or cut according to your specifications at our plant in Nortorf. Ask for a sample and have a taste of our high-quality and delicious fruit.

June 2017

Learn more about our new x-ray scanners in Stadelhofen

We can offer the additional use of an x-ray machine at our Stadelhofen site for clients who desire raw goods with an even higher purity standard in terms of foreign matter.

Foreign matter such as glass, metal, mineral materials, and aluminium are safely removed from the stream of products - even if they have grown into the product. Where other systems reach their limit, our highly modern system is able to detect and remove foreign matter. The amount of good product disposed is kept to a minimum thanks to a multiple flap system.

We would be glad to offer this service to you and for the refinishing process as well, which may also be combined with other processing and cleaning steps, such as air separation (separation of light and heavy matter), filtering, cutting, and metal detection (neodymium magnets and metal detectors). Our refinishing process - as is the case with the entirety of our production - is carried out in accordance with the strict standards of IFS Food.

April 2017

Stadelhofen site does not
process allergens that are subject to labelling

We have complied with the wish expressed by numerous customers. As such, from April 2017 onwards, our Stadelhofen site will no longer process nor store substances potentially containing allergens that are subject to labelling in accordance with EU regulation 1169-2011.

October 2016

IFS Stadelhofen

We are happy to announce that our Stadelhofen site was audited by IFS Food on 18/10/2016 and received the "higher level" certification.

August 2015

Brückner-Werke KG has acquired
all assets of ROWO-FOOD / WOLF Naturprodukte

We would like to inform you that the Brückner-Werke KG acquired all premises, buildings, machinery and inventory as well as all employees of the companies ROWO-FOOD GmbH and Wolf-Naturprodukte GmbH retrospectively effective from August 1st 2015.

We have been operating for decades within the range of dried vegetables and dried herbs and we ensure you a smooth transfer of your existing business of the site in Stadelhofen regarding quality, service and experience. Naturally, all sales and purchase contracts will continue to be fulfilled by Brückner-Werke KG.

We are glad to strengthen our market presence hereby and additionally offer our customers even more competence in the range of dried vegetables and dried herbs.